Banquet Service Carts

If you have a catering event, our banquet carts can be there for you. If you need to deliver plates of food to the kitchen to the dining room, our banquet carts will keep that food safe, at precisely the correct temperature. If the word “banquet” calls to mind images of royal feasts and foods, then this is surely your knight, your food warmth guardian, preserving the quality of your food and making sure that what you serve is fit for kings and queens.

Banquet Service Cart

  • Stainless steel interior and exterior.
  • Fully insulated for energy efficiency.
  • Caster mounting plates 5/16'' steel plate, drilled and tapped welded to cabinet frame.
  • Top mounted electronic control with digital display for temperature at a glance.
  • 60-230 degree temperature range.
  • Heavy duty 5'' casters.
  • Electric and canned fuel operation standard.
  • Dedicated canned heat drawer, no open flames in interior.
  • ArmorHeat™ system.